Monday, January 10, 2011


After hearing the news on MPR this a.m. about Rep. Giffords, my first thought was "god, I hope he wasn't Mexican".
How sad.

What's Your Rank?

What's your job score?

Ms. Healthy Gopher:
Occupational Safety: 89

Motion Picture Editor 19
Computer Programmer 18
not sure which would apply - maybe you count as 18.5

Mr. HT
Computer Programmer 18

Mr. Gopher
Electrical Engineer: 62

Dr.Nuke: Physicist 12
Heather: Attorney: 82
The Author: Author: 93

Of course, there's always top and bottom rank:
Mathematician: 1
Lumberjack: 200

Friday, January 7, 2011


Where did 2010 go?

Am I actually going to finish my taxes before April?

Am I actually going to finish the Christmas/New Year cards tonight & post them tomorrow a.m.?

Holy shit ... am I really going to be 45 in 4 days?

is Jr.Gopher#2 actually going to be 4?

Is the Lansing City Assessor's Office going to spontaneously implode due to the amount of financial b.s. exceeding critical density?