Wednesday, March 10, 2010

never thought I'd say it

I never thought I would say it ... but I want to buy the more expensive one because it's prettier.

I have an innate ability to look at a collection of things for sale, pick out the one I like best - and it is almost without fail the most expensive one. But that is picking what I like without considering the price; which means I usually wind up buying it because it has more features that I like better.

The external hard drive ...? I just like the blue better. It's prettier.

No, no, Mr.Gopher - you need not fear - I'm getting the ugliest because when it comes to computer parts, pretty really doesn't matter to me.

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ccyager said...

I have the same problem! If I shopped without looking at prices, I'd have been bankrupt ages ago and have to sell all the things I'd bought without looking at prices.....