Friday, March 18, 2011

more family photos

more photos from the Minnesota gophers:

A bit more recent - since the big blizzard in January through a couple weeks ago. Misplaced the camera for a while. I'm not sure, but I might bring it to the Tae Kwon Do next weekend for JrGopher#1's yellow belt test.


The hike en route to the falls:

Further on the hike - please note the fact that Jr.Gopher#2 could just sit on the snow without sitting down.

Playing ice hockey over @ the But-Palskis

Yes, we will show this to Jr.Gopher#2's girlfriends. He said he wanted to be a princess, and the neighbor girl assuredly had the accessories to do this. (Lord, don't get me going on the revolting Disney Princess obsession.)

MPR's modern station, 89.3, had their annual Rock the Cradle a couple weekends ago. It's a music splendor at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. All focused for children, I would assume about 10 and under. A kiddie disco, where the DJs were the radio station's DJs. One program was an Instrument Petting Zoo, where the kids could pick up and actually play different instruments. Violins, cellos, an electric piano, a drum set, a couple hand drums, electric guitar, and lots of different little percussion item. The boys both found the string instruments interesting and fun.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the boys holding musical instruments. As for "Drag Gregor," he might actually be proud of that shot. He's such a warrior, and this shows he's in touch with his feminine side too! Heeheeheeheehee!

Winfried Tobias said...

Those winter photographs seem far away in spring time Berlin. The princess' dress is great and actually Vincent also put on a dress that he boroughed from Leni. It seems both cousins share a passion for the feminine side of life (definitely not the worst thing to happen :-)

Peter T said...

To feminine looking warriors: The Ilias tells how Achill when summoned to fight in the Trojan War blended in among the girls of the house, because his beard wasn't growing yet. Odysseus tricked him by placing a weapon and a shield in the house and then sounding the alarm that the house was attacked. Everybody fled but Achill who armed himself to meet the enemy.

Ellen said...

Elizabeth, I am so glad to be on your mailing list and receive your photos. They are wonderful - I LOVE the first family photo -breathtaking! My "baby" 17 year old Kvein had his wisdom teeth out this am, so he is my sleeping "mouth warrior" and I am his nurse for the next day or two. It's proving to be a good day to clean the fridge and freezer in between :doing for' my patient! Love, Ellen

Ellen said...

Elizabeth- I am so glad I am on your mailing list and I LOVE your photos. The first one of the family is my favorite - breathtaking backdrop! My "baby", 17 year old Kevin had his wisdom teeth out today. So he is my sleeping "moth warrior" and I his nurse for the next day or two. It's a good day (Monday of spring break for both of us) for me to clean the firdge and freezer! Hugs to all 4 Gophers - Love, Ellen