Saturday, November 5, 2011

Greatest at what, exactly?

I'm just SO sick of people older than I am going on and on AND ON AND ON about "The Greatest Generation". No offense meant to the actual members thereof, but Who The Fuck Cares?

These are the same people who piss & moan that my generation Does Not Love Our Country; that We Don't Appreciate What They've Given Us, etc. etc. etc.

Why should we bother to try to live up to your pathetic opinion of us? What do you actually expect a group of people to achieve who are told over and over that they're mediocre?

It's not as if we have a war to fight to keep up with them.
... oh, wait ...
It's not as if we have a war to fight that anyone actually approves of
... oh, wait ...
well, the THREE or FOUR goddamn wars that the "Greatest Generation's" Children got us into ('cause we sure as shit didn't get ourselves into them) are 3rd page below the fold news. We don't even have the courtesy of a daily body count.

I sit back and watch the Greatest Generation's Children, a.k.a. Baby Boomers, piss away my country's everything: economy, environment, international good-will, domestic integrity, etc. by looking at their parents' dreams and deluding themselves into thinking they deserved to have it all.

Expect life to get better? Who the fuck actually thinks that the Baby Boomers are going to leave the rest of us a pot to piss in? I don't. No one else I know does, either. And, if this is only just occurring to y'all, then it's because you haven't been stuck with some damn X to your name because the Baby Boomers didn't want to admit there was a future that didn't include their self-centered existence.


Anonymous said...

I am a baby boomer.

It's a very dangerous thing to write in generalizations.

Not every member of the Greatest Generation or the Baby Boomers are responsible for the country's state today. Be specific.

Not every Generation X person matches whatever stereotype there might be about them.

Having said all that, you have every right to be angry. But channel that anger by being specific. With specifics, it's possible to see a problem clearly and what needs to be done to solve it. Generalizations only encourage flailing and ineffective thinking and action.

My 2 cents....

Lucy said...

I think your really mad at the media. They seem to drive human thought. At least to a large extent. I don't think the vets of WWII came up with the phrase anymore that todays soldiers came up with the idea that they are all heroes even the ones who stay state side. I still like your post. It is nice to find a bloger who writes about somthing other than their kid or what they had for dinner.