Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Autumn in Sweden

Maybe I can convince Mr. Gopher to take a trip back to Sweden? He can go adore the country, I can see a hockey game...

The NHL ... will again be heading to Europe to start a new hockey season.

Stockholm is hosting Detroit Red Wings v. St. Louis Blues.
Considering the cream of the professional Swedish crop is playing for Detroit, I'm not surprised. Oh, that's right, 8 of the 29 players from Detroit are from Sweden. Maybe Babcock can hold practice in Swedish?


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ccyager said...

Sorry about the game last night. I didn't watch it, just saw the celebration when I was changing channels to watch "Frasier." The players in red sure looked down....(smile)

Spend all that money to travel to Sweden for a hockey game? Excuse me, puleeze.... (laughing)