Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Michael (far right) and a real giraffe

Model trains at the GAI German Day festival. The little hat you can barely see over the train next to the adult is Jr.Gopher#2. The o.d. bucket had on the left is Jr.Gopher #1. The grown-up in the picture & his wife were enchanted with the boys; especially since even our 2 year old #2 had no problem keeping his hands away from the trains. And Jr.Gopher#1 is just absolutely entranced - he could have spent the entire afternoon just watching the trains. Including the reproduction ICE (German express trains).

Apparently being 15 isn't much of a deterrent to Raven who has granted her approval to the front yard tree.

Specifically for Grandpa Bob: Jr.Gopher #1 wanted to show him this t-shirt from the Hopkins Fire Department.

Other side of the fire dept. shirt

The Golden Gophers in Toronto
why is it that the only good picture of the group is always the one which catches you doing something stupid? I hadn't even had much to drink.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! I love the bathtime photo -- don't they look like little mischief makers?

The Golden Gophers are all women!!!! Yay!!!!