Monday, April 5, 2010

[prod. endors.] Complete for Cats

Complete for Cats, professional strength

Sold as an anti-stink spray for cat pee, one of the more vile natural odors one finds in the house, this is the only thing I’ll buy. This is not a ‘put supposedly-nice actually-revolting artificial stink on top of the cat pee stink and hope no one notices’. It claims to be enzymes, which my last vet told me was the key to feline anti-stink products. The bottle comes with a spray/stream option, like Windex, allowing gentle area applications to surfaces or the ‘just soak that puppy’ approach to furniture where the stink has seeped in.

I don’t know how good this is, if applied days after the pee application. Within 24 hours, it seems to work well. Now, the best part:

This also works on human bio-stinks. No, not the ‘oops I forgot to shower’ kind! Rather, the ‘mama, I peed in my bed’ kind. Seriously, what do you expect to do when your 5-year old forgets to put on a night pull-up, and soaks the mattress? The gentle surface mist just won’t cut it. And you can’t just hope to absorb the pee, since it's soaked right into the fibers of the mattress. And, while not nearly so vile, I don't particularly care for the ammonia odors of oxidizing amines.

This product results in a lemony smell, which decreases to an endurable level after about an half-hour and goes away after 3-4 hours. Yes, it has perfume, but its mechanism isn’t over-stink.

Target sells it in a standard household-chemical sized spray-bottle for less than $4. I’m hoping I can find it in industrial size, not just industrial strength. I don’t know how it deals with stains - if it stains, or if it causes other things to stain. The futon mattress is black, and the boys’ mattresses are already stained, but weren't white anyway. And, after all, who really cares if a mattress is stained? It didn’t seem to stain the bedclothes I used it on & I haven't tried it on clothes or the sofa.

Gopher Rating:
This is wonderful stuff.

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What a great product!