Saturday, May 22, 2010

AIHce, Day -2

Items from Denver
  • The more tan you get, the less natural your artificial blonde hair looks
  • If you want to wear 2" spike heels ... you should first learn to walk in them
  • It is possible for the ambient temperature to plummet 8-10F in 2 seconds with a single gust of wind
  • A 3x3" piece of bread pudding with raisins should have more than 6 raisins. Although, since it was $6, perhaps it was being sold by the raisin.
  • It is flat here
  • Those crop circle looking things are irrigation circles
  • You can't possibly look that much like Robert Downey, Jr. by accident
  • Pedestrian zones should not have buses on them
  • The beer at Rock Bottom brewery on 16th St. Mall is truly unimpressive. For $4.62/pt, I guess that's not so bad.

Items from Mpls
  • When the entire purpose of going to a conference - and the only reason someone else is paying for it - is to give a poster session, it behooves one to actually bring the poster to the airport.
  • When Southwest Airlines tells you that you can't have anything on your lap during take-off, they are serious about it.
  • Southwest Airlines has the most efficient - bar none - boarding I've experienced in the past 20 years.

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ccyager said...

$6 for bread pudding! Good grief. I hope it was good.....