Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Then v. Now Here v. There

The vacation trip was to München-Vienna-Innsbrück-Zürich. We hit the length of the alps. When we got to Innsbruck, it was the first time I'd actually played in snow. :)
I wish we had pictures of the trip.

When last Mr.Gopher & I were in Europe, we went to Schlehdorf in Oberbayern (within spitting distance of Austria, quite literally at the bottom of the Alps). Innsbruck was about 1.5 hr south. So, we went to one of the very, very few places in Europe that I've been & he hadn't.

That list originally consisted of: Innsbrück, Salzburg & Vienna. I remember being shocked that I'd been anywhere he hadn't, and even more surprised that those areas were all a) German-speaking, b) so close to Germany, and c) so close to the Alps.

I'd like to go back to Salzburg some time; having spent the Summer there as a college student (rather like The Writer's stay in Vienna), I have quite a few memories of it without needing a photo album. I have only vague memories of Vienna; I'd like to visit it as an adult and see what looks familiar.

When we went to Innsbrück, I wondered whether I would remember any of it. I was quite surprised, especially since I have a horrible memory. When we drove over the mountains, and the city came into view, my first thought was "Hey! I remember this!" There were several places I did remember, quite to my surprise. It is a nice city; it would have been a nicer trip if the 6-month old Jr.Gopher#2 hadn't been with us. Forgot the baby bottle Stateside; feeding therefore required mom. I was whooped; considering that the city is only 1300 ft., I can't really blame it on altitude sickness, which I get. Hauling 15 pounds of baby around just put a serious crimp in the hike. Because, of course, there was a lot of walking - I was there with Mr.Gopher, after all.

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ccyager said...

I've never been to Innsbruck! Shame on me. When we toured Austria during the orientation, we spent a week traveling around mostly eastern Austria -- Graz, Klagenfurt and the lake district nearby (where Mahler had a summer house), Salzburg, Linz, and back to Vienna. We also spent the first weekend in Austria in Neuseidl am See, a lovely little town on the Neuseidl Lake that straddles the border between Austria and Hungary. We visited Esterhazy, Rust, and the actual border. At the time I was completely blown away that composers and musicians I loved had actually been in these same places, living, making music, etc. And it's really true in Europe -- the same cobblestone streets, churches, homes, it's amazing.....