Monday, June 21, 2010


Am I imaging it? I was too busy on Friday getting read for a camping trip with the German school to post anything. I went over to the Riverview to see the USA:Slovenia game rather than pack in a more orderly manner (which would likely have involved packing our camera and a couple of books for the boys).

We were totally robbed. The rest of the fans at the Riverview equally seemed to think so. There were two calls:
1st - which made all the papers - was the disqualification of a goal that ought to have been our 3rd.
This is the 'controversy' I can find in the news
2nd - was in the 89th (?) minute, and ought to have been a call. Where's the outrage on this? Hell, where's the video footage of it? Holding another man like that would get them lynched in parts of the Deep South. I can't even find it on youtube (actually there's very little -read nothing- on youtube at all, and I can't even find it on any other sports website). Please let me know where it is, if you can?

As far as I can tell, I'm the only one in the universe who saw it.

Given our level of play, getting a 3rd goal would not, in fact, have guaranteed a win. Gross, unbelievably excessive interference, however, should have resulted in a red card, and a free shot, which would have likely yielded a valid goal and a win. I would post a link to the video, but apparently it only happened in my imagination.

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Anonymous said...

"We were totally robbed."

Oh, my god! I thought you meant that your apartment was burgled. And then I was wondering what the rest of the fans had to do with it.....! LOL!!

It seems that the US's victory yesterday has made up for the Slovenia game.....