Monday, June 7, 2010

what not to watch

I'm stuck: too many movies, not enough time? No - more like not enough time and still not enough movies. No, unlike STFU&GBTW I do not need to keep up to date with the newest Hollywood CGI banquet. Minimal time w/ Mr.Gopher & what to see? Well, it's not our different tastes limiting my options. It's June. Summer movie season is supposed to be here. Even if I look at the AMC options (and not our theater, as the Riverview does 2nd runs), I'm still stuck.

Robin Hood: These look like the worst critiques of Crowe's work I've seen in a long time. At least in this version, Richard is dead. Although for once I really wish the Robin Hood character was "fighting" against Richard, the king who decimated the royal treasury by futile crusades, rather than John, who at least gave us the Magna Carta.

Prince of Persia
: you must be kidding. Who in the hell thought Gyllenhaal would be a good choice as a Persian? Okay, he's a serious improvement over Brad Pitt in Troy (another surely-you-jest casting epic), in that at least he's not blonde. Isn't there any A-list actor who could look like he's from the Middle East, rather than Wales? Like, say, Alfred Molina? At least they didn't cast Russel Crowe. And, while we're at it ... why give it a sub-title, unless they're planning to make more than one? Why not just call it Sands of Time OR just prince of Persia?

Date Night: Romantic Comedy is generally portrayed as "The Man Will Attend To Placate His Woman, Not Because He Likes It". I suspect that if we went, I'd like it and Mr.Gopher would suffer through 90 min, eliminating it from post-movie dinner discussion. We would be forced to discuss ... hmmm.....

Iron Man 2: well, it probably isn't bad. But, if I only have one movie to pick, this isn't going to be it. And, of course, there's the "Mr.Gopher doesn't do superheroes" factor.

What else is playing in town ...

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: we did see. It was good; I'll try to put a review together. Mr.Gopher managed to watch the whole thing ignoring the subtitles.

The Secret in Their Eyes: hmmmm.... this looks interesting.

Metropolis. Definitely worthwhile; haven't seen it; and, afterall, it's in German.

ah, well ... perhaps I should go back to my thesis.


Anonymous said...

I want to see "The Secret in Their Eyes."

Gopher MPH said...

It was great.
We went on Friday (yea, date night).
The actors - none of whom I had ever seen before - were good; the script was delightful; the story was good; the set design and the "look" was spectacular. Hope to write a review sooner or later. Among many other reviews, e.g. Date Night, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo(book & movie). I really like the leading actor.

Already can tell you my conclusion will be "definitely see it on the big screen, at matinee prices". It's at the Landmark in Edina this week.

Anonymous said...

Will Hollywood remake "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"? Does a chicken have feathers? I couldn't believe my eyes -- once again a movie that does not need a remake. And Viggo Mortensen is rumored to be in consideration for the Mikael Blomquist part.....

Gopher MPH said...

seriously - hollywood remake? lord, no. How is it going to be any better with more money? And, while Mortenson is certain good, and might do a good job as Blomkvist ... I am tempted to say "just hire the Swedish actors - they all speak English anyway and avoid having fake swedish accents".

could it really get worse?