Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Seriously, why bother?

It isn't as if my vote or anything else I do can possible overcome the immensity of corruption and money.

I keep asking myself whether or not American politics has always been this god-awful. Or is this simply a new and refined style of corruption?

yup ... new & improved!

why bother? god almighty, it's so depressing. almost as bad as the retarded idiots sitting over in St. Paul. Not at the capitol. The ones in the cathedral. That's even more remote from human influence.

why bother?


Peter T said...

"Why bother?" For the children? Sorry, I have no better answer.

Gopher MPH said...

I would love to be able to reassure myself that I was suffering for some reason. Sacrificing for one's children is certainly a common horse to flog. It works because people are willing to do it.

I see nothing which indicates any probability of our (well, my) country waking up to the economic reality of today.

This is guaranteed to be stealing from our children. These people are beyond self-centered. They are willing to sell their futures, as well as mine. The economy's destruction is going to blossom and flourish when our children are adults. The Idiots don't care - they'll be dead by then.

Or, much more likely...

The Idiots think that they won't be effected by the economic disaster because by that time, they'll be immune from it. By that time, they will have become rich and will have finally gotten what is due to them.

So much in the world has gotten better since I was a child!
How can you tell? The crime rate going down doesn't sell ad space, so it doesn't get reported. Fear sells. The old adage 'if it bleeds, it leads' has gone by the wayside. These days, it's Fear. If you can make The People fearful, it's a drug that they need daily doses. The get a high off of fear. Why? Because they aren't actually harmed. It's like watching horror movies or the heroine-gets-saved-at-last-15-seconds-before-bomb-blows-hero-up movies.

People want a thrill without real risk. Therefore they read torrid news. Therefore media outlets sell torrid news.