Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fraternal Interpreter

Micha: "mama, mama, Gregor wants you to hang the pictures."

Mama (while lying in bed reading): "In 10 minutes, when I'm done."

But Gregor want you to do it now!



No, I'll do it in 10 minutes when I'm done.

But Gregor wants it now!

Gregor is going to have to wait, then.

Gregor wants to have both of his pictures hung up.

Not right now. In a few minutes.

Micha leaves the room and walks back into the boys' room, where they were having the afternoon 'quiet time'. I then hear him explaining to Gregor:

"Gregor, mama says not right now. You need to wait. She'll come in a few minutes to hang them up. All of them."

So, despite all evidence to the contrary, it is now adequately demonstrated that yes, indeed, he is listening when I say 'no'. And, yes, the pictures are now hung in the boys' bedroom. Since their favorite stuff toys are a giraffe, llama, and ferret, I got copies of pictures of these animals for decoration. They're thrilled.

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