Saturday, November 1, 2008


Our first Halloween on 16th Avenue has been a success. Both boys came home with quite a haul. They went trick-or-treating with the neighbors' kids and a few of the grown up men. The women stayed at home as the Trick-or-Treater-Greeters.

Next year we're going to install a sign like those as amusement parks: "You must be this tall to get on this ride", and make it a bracket 48" tall and 24" low. Anyone that old should have their own job and buy their own cheap candy. Besides, they tended to be the really scary costumes terrifying the little kids (at least Gregor). And anyone young enough that they can't really walk up the sidewalk under their own power shouldn't be eating that much sugar & artificial food colorings.

The Sahaydaks (the neighbors) had a concurrent party for the grown-ups, to which we were invited. Over half of the attendees were from Michigan. I finally got to try a mojito. Yummm ... gotta get me some of them. A fizzy Caribbean version of a mint julep.

From the Halloween party @ Michael's preschool/Kinderstube:

Quite surprisingly, we discovered at the neighbor's party that this boy's father works with our landlord.

Michael & buddies

Olivia & Lisa (in pink) - Lisa & Michael are inseparable @ school.

Michael (clothes dryer) & Gregor (washing machine). Gregor only managed to wear his costume around the yard, and as far as the corner (we're the 2nd house from it). Peter said that the dryer was a smash hit with all of the adults. They're both front-loaders so that the doors open and the candy went inside. This constitutes my entire creativity allotment for the year. I think next year with go with a toaster & microwave oven. Then a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. Stove & dishwasher. I've got it made for cardboard box costumes for the next 3 years. :)

Neighbor kids Justice (Farmer Girl), Jarod (Mad Scientist) & Michael (Clothes Dryer)

rear view of washing machine, just cute

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