Friday, April 17, 2009

2nd Quarter Update

I added why I want to see it, if there's any particular reason beyond "oh, it looks interesting"

Still out there in the T.C.
Sunshine Cleaning (top choice for Anniversary Night Out next week)
State of Play
The Mysteries of Pittsburgh:
Slumdog Millionaire
Hannah Montana: The Movie

... just kidding

Coming Soon(er or Later) to a Theater Near Me:

Sin Nombre:
The Road: assuming it ever gets released
Drag Me to Hell: Sam & Ivan Raimi - how could I pass it up?
Star Trek: no, I'm not a geek, but it does look interesting
The Soloist: Downey Jr. what else is there to say?
Up: come on, it's Pixar!

Already gone, but not forgotten - this is why DVDs exist

Appaloosa: Mortenson & Harris in a re-match sounds good. Add Jeremy Irons, and it's a definite. Harris - god, he's prolific!
Coraline: Neil Gaiman is awesome
The Lucky Ones: intriguing plot
Cadillac Records:
The Betrayal:
City of Ember: Bill Murray is a serious negative. Even in the previews, he looks like the comic relief. There isn't supposed to be any comic relief. It's a dark story of childhood's ending and questioning the status quo. The book was wonderful.
Burn Before Reading:
Pride & Glory: Edward Norton
Defiance: Liev Schreiver, not Daniel Craig
Revolutionary Road: I'm totally cold to the whole Titanic re-match; the plot is what sounds intriguing: the insane self-delusion of the 1950s
Milk: Sean Penn is consistently great. Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger aren't the only masculine straight men who can be gay on screen
Valkyrie: serious doubts, especially with all the brou-ha-ha in the German media during its filming (esp. since Cruise is a Scientologist, which the German Government officially lists as a Cult ), but the reviews were good, so I'll try


ccyager said...

I rented "Appaloosa" and enjoyed it. Jeremy Irons is just amazing -- I swear the guy can do anything. The weak one for me was Renee Zellweger. I loved her in "Cold Mountain" but she left me cold in this movie. Mortensen and Harris are like twins separated at birth in this movie. The pace is pretty slow, though, so it takes some patience to watch.

ccyager said...

Oh, and I thought we were going to go see "The Soloist" after it opened?

Gopher MPH said...

Yes, I too thought we were going to see The Soloist. If I have a melt down, we can go sooner. If I still want to finish grad school, we'll have to miss opening night. :-0