Monday, April 6, 2009

Cutting class


“I do realize they have a cause. Well, we also have a cause, too,” [UNC's coach] said. “We want to win a national championship, period, the end. And if you would tell me that if Michigan State wins, it’s gonna satisfy the nation’s economy, then I’d say, ‘Hell, let’s stay poor for a little while longer.”’

My professor is cutting class short tonight. The alumnus of UNC told us last week that if the Tarheels made it to the finals (i.e., tonight), class would be short, so that he could make it home in time for the game. He's apparently going to drive to campus, rather than take the bus to make sure class is at least more than an hour.

One of the other students asked if we could also skip, if our alma mater made it to the finals. At this point, it was already down to 4 teams. None of us having attended them, it was sort of moot. My friend then asks permission for me to skip, having attended MSU. I - embarassed - said "I didn't graduate". At the same time Prof. says "it doesn't count unless you actually graduated". Too bad the Mountaineers blew it in the first round. Although, I also think if the Gophers had made it this far, he'd have been willing to let us cut out early. Not awfully likely that.

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