Monday, April 13, 2009


Some of the family from Germany were visiting for the week. Easter & the days preceding it had utterly beautiful weather.

Minnehaha Falls
just to remind you that Winter isn't really all that far in the past.....

This was taken in a reflecting mirror

Sophie & Tobias in front of the Mississippi

Jr.Gopher #2 at the Sculpture Park reading the art

Just hanging out in Minneapolis

Jr.Gopher#2 and his godmother, Tante Christiane

Jr.Gopher #1 take of the eggs.

He really looked much happier about the Easter Egg hunt at school than the picture would lead you to believe

Getting a lift around town
(we've no idea who the little girl is)

Dr. & not-Dr. Gopher

We hope you had a happy Easter

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!