Sunday, December 20, 2009

Evil, pure evil

People Are Stupid ... People are Trained to be Stupid ...

HSBC ad on
go to Moscow using your HSBC credit card ... check in to hotel with HSBC credit card ... go to room ... turn on tv ... everything is in Russian ... read book instead.

As a bibliophile, i'm all for reading rather than watching TV. But, seriously ... spend all the money to go to Russia, and then hide out in a Western-service hotel and totally insulate yourself from the fact you're in a foreign country. HSBC, btw, is totally friggin' evil.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god, of course a hotel will want you to stay inside, although they'll promote the wonders and culture of the location. If one has never been to a big city, much less one in which all the signs are in a different alphabet, Moscow can be daunting. Tourists have quite a bit more freedom now, but I'd be nervous about the crime rate. Ironically, under communism, the crime rate truly was very low -- all the criminals were in the Kremlin! (Oh, I made a funny in the style of a Russian joke!) But....if you've paid the money to travel to Moscow, there's a lot one can do in the central part of the city..... Red Square and St. Basil's alone are worth the risk!