Saturday, December 26, 2009

Your 15 minutes are up

I just got my 15 minutes of fame. If you want to call it that ...

Minnesota Public Radio contacted me twice last week. Once for In the Loop, a small, slightly odd-ball look at pop culture that's only available on-line. Second by the main News Room. Both of them interviewed me & then decided to use the interviews.

MPR's Christmas Stories
Story of when our house burned down 5 days before Christmas. Aired at 7:20 Christmas Eve morning. Needless to say, I didn't listen to it. Which is sad, because I thought the boys would get a kick out of Mom's voice coming out of the radio.
I was told they'd post the audio on-line. When they do, I'll add it. Here, however, is the text of what I wrote them. Note: the date is wrong, it should have been 1979. C'est la vie.

MPR's In the Loop
Holiday podcast. Skip to about 30:00 min. I'm the first person in the "Santa Alternatives" section. I explained how our Christmas presents are brought by the 3 Wise Men. Our kids believe in Santa, they just know that Santa brings other kids presents (their American cousins), or the Christkind (their German cousins).

technical glitch: the link I put here goes to the most recent podcast, not the specific one I want. Will try to fix. ... and ... I still can't find the link to the 1st interview. Oh, well, you'll just have to believe that it happened (a friend heard it on the radio - I didn't, & I'm curious to hear how they edited it.)


Anonymous said...

Didn't know we had the newsroom calling you too! Thanks for making yourself available to us -- we're always glad to hear from you. You seem to have enough interesting things to say that we're comfortable extending your 15 minutes somewhat ;-)

- Jeff from In The Loop

Gopher MPH said...

@ Jeff from In The Loop:

okay, so you're the next-to-last person I expected to find reading this ...

thanks for the extension :)

A couple times someone in the news room wanted to interview me about regular news items, and it just never worked out (child care costs & environmental regulation impact on small businesses) - so you're the first person who managed to get me on tape (or whatever media is used these days).

Happy New Year!