Monday, September 21, 2009

Cockroaches in the house (the one with a capital H)

"Should Democrats respond with a powerful and aggressive response to the vocal minority objectors?" apparently the question to seduce you into listening to the next segment of the news. I hope this was a rhetorical question. If not, I have an answer:

Hell, yes!

Squash them like the cockroaches they are!

No one is going to vote for you if you're not powerful. Just accept that the loud minority of dickwads are never going to vote for you, squash them like roaches, and get on with running the country.

You have power! After an aeon of dickwad Conservatives running (a.k.a. totally fucking up) the country, you've got the reins of power! Use them! You'll likely get voted out of office anyway, so what the hell? Go for broke & just DO something morally righteous & spit in their eye if they bitch. They are up for re-election, you're not.

Now, I'm never going to run for office (shoot me first, please) and I doubt anyone in Washington will be struck by enough Divine Insight to offer me the job of running OSHA (where I would be soooo fired after about 4.2 minutes), so I can say what apparently gets you fired: Republicans are assholes. Conclusion? Crazy evil morons make up things for Obama to do, and he does it. [Bill Maher]

Now, sure, you're going to complain that this is so over-generalized & stereotyped. Maybe. Progressives in this country are pussies. Over generalized & stereotyped? Maybe. But,what the hell? It's true. Something can be offensive and still be true. Cogent example:

This morning Jr. Gopher #1 wanted me to turn off MPR news & turn on Button 2. (This is the only decent rock & roll station in town.) Of course, he wanted to know why I said no.


Because the people talking on that station in the morning are offensive.


Are they lying or telling the truth?
(wow, now there's an amazing question from a 5 year old in this situation.)

... Silence. ... Struggle to find an honest answer.

Some of what they say is the truth. But the way they explain it is offensive.

Can you turn on Button 2 in the afternoon when you pick me up?



Peter T said...

Which radio station is that, and what are they saying in the morning?

Gopher MPH said...


The 2 a.m. disc jockeys read the "news" (a very euphemistic term). It is 50% of the time (subtly) chauvenist/nationalistic/homophobic/xenophobic b.s. And if it isn't that, it's simply ridiculing people. Actually, it's mostly ridiculing people. Ridicule, whether deserved or not, is not news. They have their own laugh-track & stupid noise effects (honking horns, whirlies, etc.)

It's a really common format for morning radio. At least it has been for the past 10 years.

I would have to listen to them to give you a real selection. It is simply not funny. Let's just say I would not be surprised to hear any of the following:

Old Mr Smith lets his dog out, it runs away
... what stupid man...
the dog comes back 2 years later.
... aw, what a nice story...

Mrs. Jones has 200 cats in her house
... ew, she's a lunatic and probably doing it because she never had children

Tribesmen from Kahndahar in Uzbekistan drink goat milk
... it's probably because their foreign aid ran out after spending it on WMDs.

That sort of thing.

Yes, I'm willing to believe that the kernel within the blurb is factual. What I find offensive is their commentary, which is intended to be humorous. (Hence the problem answering Jr.#1 - being true is no bar to being offensive.)

They could probably get Rush Limbaugh to do it and get the same result. Except Limbaugh is funnier.