Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Solicitation of minors

The Jr. Gophers have frequent flyer cards with (formerly) Northwest. Due to the (stupid) merger, we've been getting offers & stuff from Delta. The boys' accounts list my email. This was in today's queue:

Dear Jr.Gopher#1,
If you had a WorldPerks Credit Card, you stopped earning WorldPerks miles and your WorldPerks Credit Card is no longer valid. To continue to earn frequent flyer miles in the merged SkyMiles program and take advantage of this great offer, you must apply and be approved for the Credit Card from American Express. This offer expires November 9, 2009 and is only available online. Apply now.

Now, mind you, somewhere in the account is their d.o.b. ... ?? New suggestion for politicians: forbid the solicitation of minors.

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ccyager said...

I've wondered if these people who send out e-mails or make telemarketing calls have daily quotas, and they call or press send in order to make their quota rather than doing something intelligent like checking d.o.b. (smile)

I just sent e-mails to various city and state officials concerning the Southwest Transitway route. After I sent them, it suddenly hit me that now I'm on their lists! uh-oh.