Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Multi-Species Health Care Options

Walgreen's has a prescription assistance program. No qualifying criteria; anyone can join. It's an annual fee to get certain generic drugs cheaper than normal by selling them in 3-month quantities rather than 1- month.

Raven - our cat - now has an insurance policy. I pay $12/mo rather than $18/mo.

So, my cat can get prescription assistance because I can fork out $20 and pay for 3 months at a time?

I have actually never understood the conservative position that public health care is evil. It's obvious listening to their rhetoric that they have absolutely no clue what Socialism is. But what is this option bad? "It just is" fails to move me. Repeating stupidity fails to move me, too.

I suppose I'm glad we can afford our cat - she's been horribly expensive this month.

The cat + the car + my education = breaking the bank this month.

Raven is okay - she finally put on weight. Unfortunately, she hasn't stopped caterwauling or slobbering. That's why I wanted a cat - they don't slobber. Except mine. ... ah, well. I hope when I'm that old, no one complains about me drooling.

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ccyager said...

A totally excellent article about human health care/insurance in this country at www.theatlantic.com, "How American Health Care Killed My Father" by David Goldhill in the current (Sept.) issue. I think this article should be distributed to all members of Congress and the Obama administration. The insurance companies won't like it, but tough toenails! This guy really gets it and expresses his ideas so clearly....