Saturday, October 10, 2009

[review] Apocalypse Meow

Apocalypse Meow is a graphic novel story of a unit of American soldiers in Vietnam. While not specifically mentioned, it's set during the height of the war. It's interesting. STFU&GBTW posted it on his blog that he was intrigued by a video clip posted on (of course) YouTube, see below.

The different nationalities are different species. American Bunnies (they're cute, therefore they're not rabbits), Vietnamese Cats, Russian Bears, French Pigs. The video is updated to today, so the enemy soldiers are camels. This is not for children. The events span the experiences of American soldiers there, guerilla warfare, never knowing who to trust, not knowing when you'll get out, "American military advisors" in countries that you haven't gotten around to invading yet, corporate interference, believing you're there for some Holy cause ... holy cat shit, Batman! It's actually the Middle East!

It's a quick read in 3 short volumes.

Gopher Rating:
3 - borrow it from a friend/library
(unless you're into military history, in which case, I'd give it a 2)

video for Cat Shit One

The soldier-bunnies in the books were the unit Cat Shit One (the original title of the books, no doubt modified for American sensibilities).

The trailer, below, is intriguing in a way the 2-D comics can't be. The violence is more vivid. And it twists one's perception about the application of violence. Do we emotionally respond to torturing or shooting or executing cute plush bunnies in the same way we do about humans? Well, as an editorial ... we can't respond the same way, since the American Government censors out ability to do so. Perhaps that alone makes this worthwhile, to force some emotional engagement in the gov't dictated vacuum.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this. The author's website presents information about Cat Shit One, the original title of the books. Says 'coming soon early 2010'.

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