Saturday, October 24, 2009

running hot? or cold?

Warm September segues into Cold October: aiming for record-breaking? Not me.

October temperatures are also way below average. After a very warm September (+5.5 degrees) we are running 8.4 degrees below average for October. So in a month, we've gone from the 11th warmest September or record to what may be one of the top 10 coldest Octobers on record.

Though I am very thankful for the above-average precipitation this month. It's been too dry for too long here.

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Anonymous said...

I was quite surprised when I heard on KARE 11 that the first 2 weeks of October were the coldest ever recorded. That goes back to 1885 or 1888, I think. My surprise? I've remembered other cold Octobers here that seem, in my memory, to have been just as cold if not colder. I do love October rain, though.