Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some order, please!

Every one of you has certainly heard of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Or the Periodic Table. Or the Periodic Chart. Period. You have, no doubt, seen the "modern" or "standard" version:

Then there are different methods to present the same information. These still demonstrate the periodicity of the atomic structure & therefore chemical properties, in different visual patterns. There were a couple others, but they wouldn't copy as easily as this:

Then again, there are some periodic tables which are apparently designed to refute information (while the top is amusing, the bottom part is the highlight):

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Anonymous said...

What's with Kansas? Have they joined us yet in the 21st century?

I've never been to Kansas. Dorothy was from Kansas, which didn't look like as much fun as Oz, but that was the point. Home isn't necessarily supposed to be fun. You got a wicked neighbor, tornadoes, dirty pigs, shall I go on? (laughing)

When I was taking anatomy and Physiology, I was dismayed to discover I didn't have a periodic table. Thank god for the internet....