Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free school, but no free burgers

Free law school?

U.C. Irvine won't be charging tuition when their new law school opens its doors in September. While the article offers the advice:
How to Spend the Money Saved on Tuition: In-N-Out burgers. Lots and lots of In-N-Out burgers.

They fail to mention that you'll be eating In-N-Out because you can't afford anything else in California, even without paying tuition.

U. Minnesota isn't free, in fact I've heard it's pretty pricey for a big state school, "churning out the nation’s fifth-highest average debt loads".

Although, thanks to the Fates - who kept the last Bush from gutting the Dept. Health & Human Services, and kept him from abolishing (among other occupational offices) NIOSH - I am getting a tuition-free ride ($14,432/yr).
Thank you, my fellow taxpayers.

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