Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gobsmacked, pt. 2

M&Me: Puppy mill? There was one around here last month. However, yesterday's news was a bit worse:

The Animal Humane Society doesn't want people to get their hopes up about adopting any of about 120 cats removed from a St. Anthony mobile home Tuesday.

Of course, "Not adoptable" is just a euphemism for "kill them all".

... three hours for about 15 masked workers and police officers to remove 118 cats from a couple's reeking home ... yet ... In 2002 workers removed 72 cats from the same couple's residence ... the tenants' group for the park has a rule limiting residents to one cat.


Emma said...

I was referring the the mom of octuplets :) not actual puppies, but a littler nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

In this case, not adoptable means that the couple didn't take care of the cats and they're all extremely ill, most beyond healing. They're going to die but not because they're healthy and no one wants them. This time, those poor, poor cats were killed by the couple who hoarded them.

I was totally shocked by such animal cruelty. Makes me wonder about the sanity of that couple.