Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine? NO - Hallmark!

Don't Be My Valentine:

I want to love you on 2/14


I want to love you 24/7


"Valentine's Day" is just another Hallmark Holiday. Some highlights from the commentary:

It is nothing more than a commercial holiday created by rabid retailers who needed a major shopping day between Christmas and Easter in order to give people a reason to spend money.

Why should I be inundated with mailings, e-mails and commercials to show her that I love her by buying jewelry or clothing? .If we went shopping in June or September or last month, can I get some kind of waiver or "Get out of Valentine's Day" card?

... isn't even a two-way street. Men are utterly irrelevant except to serve as pawns in this commercial game, emptying their wallets in order to satisfy their lovers or those around them ...

The people who plan their lives around Valentine's are like those who spend more time planning their wedding day rather than planning their marriage.

I guess I'm just stuck with a man who randomly throughout the year gives me flowers, who changes our children's diapers, who cooks dinner for these children when I'm at night classes, who busts his ass to provide for all 4 of us. Yup, I'm screwed come Saturday, lonely in a flower-less, candy-less, materialistic mercantile wasteland.

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Anonymous said...

"Yup, I'm screwed on Saturday...."
This is not something to complain about, is it? And how can you be lonely if you're screwed? (laughing) Bet you didn't think of that other meaning, eh?