Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who's running Hollywood these days?

Roger Ebert:
... he shifts the film's focus from the subject of German guilt about the Holocaust and turns it on the human race in general. The film intends his decision as the key to its meaning, but most viewers may conclude that "The Reader" is only about the Nazis' crimes and the response to them by post-war German generations.

Bitter, self-righteous, racist Jew:
[summarized by me] Every single German in the entire country is morally repugnant and complicit in the Holocaust because they could have read an article in a dinky little Munich newspaper in 1931. Any German alive between 1926 and 1945 really did know about the extermination of the Jews and is currently lying if s/he says otherwise. The movie is therefore without value pandering to revisionist (secretly Holocaust-denying) history.

hmmm ...
Maybe I should go see it. Ebert's review wouldn't have encouraged me given my limited time and money these days. Cinda's opinion did encourage me, but not enough to run out and see it. But this socio-political rant posing as a movie review? Oooo! Controversy! Editorials written in a piss-poor style with exclamation points! And flat faux satire!

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