Friday, February 6, 2009

health update

Mr. Gopher had back surgery yesterday to fix a small (small but nasty) problem with his lower back. A bunch of goo was scraped out from around his vertibrae and away from a nerve. It was fairly un-invasive - out-patient treatment. He feels much better, since the pain from the problem is gone; he will need to wait another day or so before the pain from the operation goes away.

Jr.Gopher #1 has informed me that Jr. Gopher #2 "gave me too many germs". He's also informed us that his back hurts and he needs an ice pack like papa.

Jr.Gopher #2 is not sick.

I'm not sick, although I'm tired.

Hopefully this finds all of you hale & hearty


ccyager said...

Well, what a relief. I hope Mr. Gopher has a speedy recovery.

Gopher MPH said...

thank you