Monday, March 23, 2009

Just Remember the Red River Valley

You might as well remember the valley, 'cause you sure ain't gonna see it any time soon. For those of you who don't live out here ... the Red River is doing its hundred year flood again (last time was in '97). The crest is expected to reach, if not surpass the record high of 39 1/2 feet. Yes, feet, not inches. And, no Mr.Gopher, not meters either. The river is currently at 28 feet & rising.

I wish I could link to or upload some of these pictures:
If you do look at them, check out specifically
#7 - how to make a corn field look like Lake Superior
#14 - picture of a town park - you can see the bridge where the river normally is

If you've ever traveled US Highway 1 from Miami to Key West, you know what it's like to drive around West Central Minnesota and eastern North Dakota tonight. Other than the water lapping the road edge on both sides, and the anticipation of a cold drink at your destination, there the similarity ends.

Interestingly, the wonders of modern technology are impacting the flood-preparation/defense efforts. Not just the sandbag filling machine that will do 5,000 bags/day or some other insane number ... nope - calls for volunteers were amply responded to. Calls went out with email, Twitter, blogs & Facebook.

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