Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kindergarten auf Deutsch


Jr.Gopher#1 will be attending the Twin Cities German Immersion School for Kindergarten!


Anonymous said...

I'm still chuckling over Junior Gopher #1 steadfastly speaking English at Stammtisch the other night. Everyone around him is speaking German, and he's chattering away about "Cars" in English! Well, he's independent....(smile)

Maybe after a year at the immersion Kindergarten, he'll be speaking German at Stammtisch! Congratulations!

Gopher MPH said...

I thought he was lapsing into German occasionally ... He's getting better about speaking to Peter in German.

I was more surprised at the fact he seemed determined to occupy your attention with his monologue on Cars. He's usually not that comfortable around unfamiliar adults. I figure he remembers you coming to dinner.

There were many people he didn't know, and he was sitting between 2 strangers apparently perfectly comfortable. It made me happy to see that.