Tuesday, March 3, 2009

will it never end ?!?!

It's up to the panel to decide whether the Coleman side has proven its claims, and how many of the rejected ballots should be counted.

Democrat Al Franken's attorneys begin presenting their case tomorrow and have about 800 of their own ballots to introduce. It's expected Franken's case could take two to three weeks.


ccyager said...

I think Al Franken has shown unbelievable patience in dealing with this situation. I'm truly surprised the U.S. Senate has not voted to seat Franken immediately.

If, by some weird confluence of absentee ballots, Coleman were to win this contest, does Minnesota really want him representing the state in Washington again? After all, he prevented the state from having two senators in Washington at a crucial time. Talk about losing without grace....

Gopher MPH said...

I understand that he doesn't want to lose his job ... but he's already been laid off, and has another job already (admittedly as some sort of politico with a local Jewish PAC - but hell, he is employed!

I would like to believe that I would have conceded far earlier. Even if he had been less than gracious in his concession, I would have respected him for it. Because, he's managed to lose all of my respect back in December.