Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pear fizz

2 cans of pear juice left over from the 12 oz. can of pear halves
1 bottle of soda water (selzer, sparkling water, carbonated water - whatever you want to call it)

Take the left over fruit juice and pour it into an ice cube tray.
put 4-5 juice cubes into a glass.
Add soda water.

4 cubes in a 12-oz. glass gives a nice pear-soda flavor. And, the closer to the bottom, the sweeter the drink.

It goes without saying, one ought to start with the "lite" fruit packed in fruit juice, and not the syrup. I'm assuming this will work equally well with the juice from canned pineapple or peaches. They're next on the list. All of the canned mandarin oranges on the shelves here are from China & therefore not available for use.

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ccyager said...

This is a creative thing to do with leftover juice in canned fruit! A cool kid thing, too.