Saturday, March 14, 2009

[movie review] TBA

Well, I realized I had a list of "I want to see..." I suspect the list on "Gone But Not Forgotten" is going to get longer and longer ... These are in no particular order. Spring Break is next week - I think I might try to catch one or two of the ones still in town, if they're still here. Things tend to hang out pretty long, if they're popular, in the 2nd run places. Unfortunately, those are always late-afternoon-evening-only shows on weekdays.

Still out there in the T.C.
Slumdog Millionaire
Revolutionary Road

Coming Soon(er or Later) to a Theater Near Me:
Sin Nombre
The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
The Road
Drag Me to Hell
Star Trek
State of Play
The Soloist

Already gone, but not forgotten - this is why DVDs exist
Cadillac Records
The Betrayal
City of Ember
Burn Before Reading
The Lucky Ones
Pride & Glory
Fear of the Dark

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