Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just cool

So, I don't remember this ... although I do remember seeing one of the manned missions, it might have been the last one in '72('73?). I was sitting in a hotel room in Columbus, Ohio, on June 20, 1999 watching TV & doing homework. The show From Earth to the Moon synchronized its episodes so that the Apollo 11 episode aired on 7/20/99, the 30th anniversary. (I find this mildly terrifying that this event I recall was actually 10 years ago.) As I sat & watched it, I had clear, vivid flashbacks to my parents TV room. I could see the carpet, the TV, the whole thing. So, yes, I watched some of the moon landing stuff waaaay back when.

Right around 6:30 min., it switches to "animation" and "CBS News simulation". While Cronkite is broadcasting, you're watching a little model in the CBS News room. Who needs to wait for the advent of computers for special effects to take over reality?


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