Friday, July 10, 2009

Race v. Class

This is my newest sociopolitical pet peeve. I don't give a damn what color or ethnicity or national origin anyone is. Who gets screwed? The poor & politically disenfranchised.

Race Crimes? Not to belittle them - but they pale, they totally beyond comprehension pale compared to Class Crimes. Why do the majority of Blacks have no/little health insurance? It ain't because they're black, it's because they're poor.

"Inciting racial hatred is a crime and one which seems to occur too regularly."
Quoted by the BBC. A pair of men were convicted in England of producing and providing on-line materials inciting racial hatred. The fled to L.A. and applied for asylum, which was rejected. Apparently is is a crime to produce "obnoxious and abhorrent'' books, pamphlets and web pages. Hmmmm. I suppose the right to vote for women is pretty abhorrent. And, somehow I'm sure the gov't thinks the pestering little people screaming for public health care are pretty obnoxious, too.

All of the people railing against universal health care need to be indicted for producing "obnoxious and abhorrent" materials inciting class hatred.

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Anonymous said...

Racial prejudice is used to hide class prejudice.

My father, on the other hand, was far kinder to the poor than he was to anyone who wasn't a Wasp, like him. He used to tell us to treat everyone with the same respect no matter who they are, and I've made that a life principle. But he didn't follow it. He treated women and blacks much differently than other people. Ah, the problems with parents! They are so important and powerful when it comes to relating to others.