Tuesday, July 14, 2009

[review] Keinohrhasen

Keinohrhasen: In the tradition of seemingly incomprehensible, lengthy compound German words, we get the No Ear Rabbit. I suppose, since it's a romantic comedy, it might be the No Eared Bunny to be cute. I don't recall the last time I heard Mr. Gopher laugh so much; certainly not at a movie. I think I should get more German movies just to hear him giggle.

Ludo, a tabloid journalist, is sentenced to community service. Where? A daycare. Where, of course, there's a nice woman, Anna. If this was an American movie, she would look like Renee Zellwigger or Jennifer Aniston, depending on the film's budget. He doesn't like kids; he doesn't want to be there; he keeps interrupting his work by answering his cell phone to talk to his photographer about paparazzi tips; she finds him annoying; she's punishing him for his previous behavior to her. We discover they knew each other as teenagers, a fact which surprises him since he didn't recognize her.

Sure, the basic frame here sounds like an ordinary romantic comedy. This, however, is witty and far more realistic a view of romance in the modern world. Love is always interrupted by work, social obligations, getting caught in bed with the wrong person, and heart-felt disappointments. No, this isn't a stellar work of celluloid literature. It's a pleasant summer fun flick. A totally tepid review in English is here. Perhaps it is in expectation. I don't go to see romantic comedies expecting to be entranced or enlightened. I go to be entertained; this succeeded in meeting my expectation. Some of the scenes are visually so well done that I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.

Our copy has English subtitles, despite being purchased in Germany. If you find it on the Foreign Films shelf, I heartily recommend it.

Gopher Rating:
definitely go see it on DVD

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Peter T said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention the last (and best) scene of the movie - the sweet revenge on a greedy cab driver. I laughed hard when I saw the end coming and didn't stop until it was there.