Friday, July 10, 2009

Too much technology

In these days of technological wonder, one can easily get distracted by the cornucopia of electronic benefits. Until one's brain short-circuits.

I've got an on-line course this term. It involves lots of writing. It requires papers be submitted, of course, on-line. I turned in a paper last night. Out of curiosity, I wanted to check the readability/grade level scores. This requires running spell-check. uuhhhhh....

Dear. Professor Linde, uuuhhhhh... I sent you the wrong version of my paper.

I've been using this electronic buffet to back up my papers, projects, and homework on a flash drive. If the computer crashes, at least I won't loose what is often dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of work. There's two different ways to get the documents transferred. I backed up my document, and inadvertently wound up with the final document on the flash drive, but uploaded it from my hard drive. aaarrrrgggh.

This also underscores my need to have something in my hands in hard copy to do a final proof of it. I loathe editing/proofreading on my computer.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my, god. And if it's not too much technology, then it doesn't work!