Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3rd Quarter Update

This time I went though IMdB's coming soon page, which is infinitely more useful than others I've seen...

Hmmm... maybe I'll need to turn on my Netflix subscription for the Summer & catch up?

Still out there in the T.C.
  • Up: come on, it's Pixar!
  • Half-Blood Prince: heard mixed reviews about its plot coherence for those who've not read the book. But, it can't be too bad.
  • Drag Me to Hell: Sam & Ivan Raimi - how could I pass it up?
Opening this week:
  • District 9: illegal aliens in a new light. Blomkamp apparently switched from doing CGI to directing movies for Peter Jackson. I suppose STFU&GBTW could have a mid-stream career change?
  • It Might Get Loud: because I'm over 40 and still like the music I listened to 30 years ago.

Coming Soon(er or Later) to a Theater Near Me:
  • Capitalism: Michael Moore - not always fantastic, but always funny
  • Shutter Island: diCaprio & Scorcese in general are enough attraction to go see it, though the creepy-crawliness of it seems to traipse over the suspense/horror line: once you get somewhere creepy-crawly, are you really, really sure you'll be able to get out?
  • The Serious Man: Coen Bros. & Minnesota

  • The Answer Man: Jeff Daniels
  • The Road: assuming it ever gets released
  • Cold Souls: Giamatti's extracted soul goes missing on the Russian black market
  • Shanghai: John Cusak. Only reason I need.
  • 2012: well, hmmm ... guarantee-see doesn't mean guarantee-quality
  • Little Ashes: well, maybe the typical art-house film
  • A Couple of Dicks: Kevin Smith - like Cusak, what other reason do I need?
  • Avatar: well, if it drew STFU&GBTW out of LA to NZ, it might be okay ... although I'll need to see the previews to see if it falls into the pile w/ Freddie v. Jason or Mars Attacks
  • Lovely Bones: Horror's not really my thing, so Peter Jackson isn't an automatic must-see; but it's got Mark Wahlberg & Susan Sarandon

Already gone, but not forgotten
- this is why DVDs exist
  • Moon: Space 2001 a la 2009
  • Primer: due to Steve's recommendation
  • Appaloosa: Mortenson & Harris in a re-match sounds good. Add Jeremy Irons, and it's a definite. Harris - god, he's prolific!
  • The Lucky Ones: intriguing plot
  • Frost/Nixon:
  • Cadillac Records:
  • The Betrayal:
  • City of Ember: Bill Murray is a serious negative. Even in the previews, he looks like the comic relief. There isn't supposed to be any comic relief. It's a dark story of childhood's ending and questioning the status quo. The book was wonderful.
  • Pride & Glory: Edward Norton
  • Revolutionary Road: I'm totally cold to the whole Titanic re-match; the plot is what sounds intriguing: the insane self-delusion of the 1950s
  • Milk: Sean Penn is consistently great. Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger aren't the only masculine straight men who can be gay on screen
  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • Defiance: due to Liev Schreiver, not Daniel Craig
  • The Mysteries of Pittsburgh:
  • Sin Nombre: just one of those 'hmm interesting' eye catchers

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