Wednesday, August 12, 2009

felonious orchid sales

I make no claims as to the validity of what is written in this posting. I merely bring it forward that the list of felonies is rather amusing. In the midst of a paper on gun-control as a public health issues, I don't really care if they're legal, since that isn't the point I cared about here. The commentary came with the article

    Selling orchids without a license. The importation and selling of orchids is a violation of the Lacey Act and is a felony.

    In Mississippi, it’s a felony to sell untagged oysters.

    Shipping lobsters and lobster tails in opaque plastic bags instead of paper bags. David McNab, a seafood importer was convicted of violating the Lacey Act and is currently serving 8-years in prison.

    Under West Virginia law, it is a felony to teach a bear to wrestle.

    Under Ohio law, it is a felony to send spam, or unsolicited email advertisements. While I hate spam as much as the next guy, should it really be a felony?

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