Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Creative Capitalism

A Minneapolis mail carrier exemplifies the ideals of entrepreneurial spirit.

"... postal inspectors placed an undercover surveillance camera in Dolan's postal vehicle, and observed him smoking from a glass pipe and selling drugs along his postal route."

... he "spontaneously stated that there was methamphetamine and marijuana in the vehicle,"

... Dolan admitted smoking methamphetamine but denied selling drugs while working. He also told police he planned to quit smoking meth."

This last point is like saying "the check is in the mail". And, I guess the mail man is the one who would know.

Sure, it's amusing, but I doubt it would have made such a splash if the first sentence of the article wasn't:
" ... has charged Paul J. Dolan, 53, the brother of Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan..."

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god! Don't they do random drug testing at USPS? No wonder I've seen job postings for the TC USPS....