Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WASPs @ 6Gs

A feel-good story on this gloomy, depressing morning. Pres. Obama has decided to honor the (remaining) members of the Women's Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs). One of whom lives here. At the end of her interview, she described the day the Air Force agreed to let her go up in an F-16 (it implied at an air show, cause they don't have them here at Ft. Snelling). Yeah, one of those "waaaaay faster cooler than a B-26" planes.

When she was 72 years old, she asked the military if she could fly the F-16 as a co-pilot. Her request was granted, and she flew with a male pilot over the skies of Duluth. She took over the controls mid-flight. [presumably with his permission-HG]

"I said, 'I'll just do a gentle turn,'" she said. "I did 6 Gs. He said, 'Take it easy. I don't have a brown bag.' I said, 'You can take mine. I don't need it.'"

Strohfus said she's glad to finally receive recognition for her achievements, but then she paused, grinned, and said, "The award is nice, but heck, I just like to fly airplanes."

aaaah ... now that's the sort of woman I see in a fighter plane.

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