Friday, January 15, 2010

Name that team ...

New Minnesota soccer team conducts online vote for name

Minnesota Voyageurs
NSC Minnesota
FC Minnesota
Minnesota United
Minnesota Northern Lights
Northstar FC

While I like the sound of "Voyageurs", I'm reluctant to lend the name Minnesota to any other sports team. The state of Minnesota seems to keep demanding the people here in Hennepin Co. shell out the money for the latest sports insanity. Now, Blaine is sufficiently far away that I don't imagine they'll be able to increase the sales tax here just in Hennepin County to foot the bill. So, while I still think the new baseball stadium should be used by the Hennepin County Twins, I won't mind the Minnesota Voyageurs I guess.

I'm voting for Northstar - if the ice hockey team isn't here to use it, someone else might as well.

The team will be replacing the Minnesota Thunder. So, Mr.HumanTeam - you can come visit during the summer season for a nice football game. The kind with spherical balls. They'll be playing with teams from the United Soccer League.

Enter to pick the new name & win season tickets (1 from the pool of all entrants and 1 from the group picking the winning name).

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Anonymous said...

Clearly, they want to stay away from words related to storms like lightning or tornado, both of which would be better than the choices offered. What happened to the Thunder?