Thursday, January 14, 2010

Butpulski Ice Garden pictures

birthday present #44: digital camera

this didn't make it to the ice skating festivities last night at the Butpulski Ice Garden. LawyerB (married to LawyerA) posted pictures on his Facebook page. Luckily, one can copy them. So, while the photograph wasn't taken last night - - it at least gives you a picture of the rink we were on.

This afternoon after school:
Jr.Gopher#1 asked me if I liked the way he was hitting the puck.
me: yes. I was proud of how well you were doing by the end of the night
Jr.Gopher#1 you were proud of me?
me: yes. So was Leo's dad.
Jr.Gopher#1 were all the grown ups proud of me?
me: yes
Jr.gopher#1 was Papa proud of me?
me: I'm sure if he'd been there, he would have been proud of you.

At the end, at least he seemed to have some self-confidence in his approval rating.

The boy with the blue jersey & white helmet is Michael's buddy Leo. Another great reason to have picked St. Albert's: wonderful people our age whose children are the same age as ours. clarification: these were taken another day, just wanted to show where we were; the other kid isn't mine.

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