Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Party

Farmer Dick & I were chatting @ May Day. I am considering campaigning for someone this Summer, if I could only figure out who deserves my help. He is considering getting a political party that could combine the Greens and other Libertarian-minded folks. This boggles the mind. Upon consideration, I suggested a name would appeal to younger voters. And, he could always call it something else. My suggestion was the Where's The Freedom Party. a.k.a. WTF Party


Anonymous said...

You do realize that there are millions of people who don't know what "wtf" stands for in the texting lexicon? Although, "where's the freedom?" has a certain ring to it.... (laughing)

Gopher MPH said...

part of his idea was to get a party to appeal to younger people ... who are far more likely to know what wtf means. The Where's The Freedom was the 1st thing I could think of that would express political frustration & hide behind something we all know means something else.