Sunday, January 3, 2010


I heard Jr.Gopher#1 utter the phrase: "The TV said ..."

And we don't even have broadcast television, just ads on the kids videos, as he was trying to explain that we needed to buy him a Bob the Builder video on November 15th. (The release date mentioned: I heard the ad.) Mr. Gopher had to explain that it was an advertisement.

What's an ad for? They want you to want something.

yes ...

What do they want you to do?


They want you to give them money. What happens if you do?


You don't have any money left in your piggy bank. You have their junk; they have you money.

(He's saving to buy a Mac the Truck a la 'Cars'. $13.95 @ Target. $7 to go.)

Jr. Gopher#1 looked a bit bamboozled when I said the Nov. 15 date was probably 5 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

This is a crucial lesson for any child to learn. Advertisers/Marketers want to get them young.

It's OK to NOT want what an ad is offering, no matter how wonderful it looks.

Repetition is important here -- advertisers use it, so why not parents?

Poor Jr. Gopher #1 -- he's going to be bamboozled a lot as he grows up and encounters the wide, wide world. And it doesn't stop with adulthood, either.....(smile)