Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Procession in for Christmas Eve Mass.

Children's Choir, Jr.Gopher#1 5th from left, @ St. Albert's

Christmas Eve, finally getting around to decorating the tree, after the plagues and academic crises were satisfactorily passed.

We decided to put the tree downstairs in our playroom/den. We figured it would provide an immediate forum for playing with the presents, rather impossible had the tree been upstairs in the front room (i.e., dining room)

Initial aftermath of Christmas presents. Jr.Gopher#2 got a box of Legos.

A while ago:
I want a car for Christmas.
What kind of car?
A car with eyes.
A car with eyes?
Yeah, like in Cars (i.e., the movie)

2 weeks ago:
What do you want for Christmas?
A car.
A car, like in the movie Cars, with eyes?
No, mama, (in a tone of voice that said ... jeez, mom, duh, of course not). A real car.
A real car? Here I'm thinking, wow, this is early, I wasn't expecting this request for another 10 years or so ....
Yeah, a real car, one with doors that open.

From Opa & Oma. Definitely the hit of the day.

Yes, he really climbed on there all by himself.

Well, the best 2 presents at the same time.

Sledding today. Temperature 36 and balmy. I do mean this sincerely, it was really nice weather. Sledding yesterday was much shorter & colder. We were at Powderhorn Park, which is about 3 blocks from our house.

After the first couple of trips down the hill, Jr.Gopher#2 decided that he wanted to carry the sled up by himself.

Who am I to complain?

After wiping out at the bottom of the hill.

Jr. Gopher #1 can be such a ham for the camera. He had a blast all afternoon. Although when he stopped having fun, it was a total melt down because he wanted to win, a status defined by going further than Mama or his brother.

First time down the hill, to get a feel for it. This was the only time #2 wanted company.

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