Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, the boys went to bed 2.5 hours later than normal. We were @ St. Albert's for New Year's Eve party. There were about 100+ games in the social hall, most of which were a bizarre trip down memory lane: Avalanche, Pit, Mystery Date, Othello, Mille Bourne, Memory, and quite a few others which elude me at the moment. Dozens no longer manufactured, often by companies no longer in existence ... quite a few obviously older than I am.

The boys generally had a blast. Avalanche was the top along wiht a little game involving barnstorming chickens (a little plastic plane zooming around knocking over little chicken tokens). It had moving parts and slamming the plane around was the goal - big hit.

Happy New Year to one and all from quiet Minnesota!

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