Sunday, January 4, 2009

Us 3 : 2 Them

This is the team that waxed Chicago 2 days ago? Apparently someone forgot to tell the Red Wings that Minnesota doesn't always lose. Assuredly between the 2nd and 3rd period, they reminded the Wild. The first 2 periods were thoroughly mediocre - I wasn't expecting brilliance from the Wild, but the Wings? I really, really wanted to have seen the New Year's Day game at Wrigley Field. Where we (eventually) crushed the Blackhawks.

There wasn't any (eventually) tonight. Detroit really played down to Minnesota's level, and then seemed confused when they came out and abruptly started playing an offensive game. The 2nd goal resulted in a very long review by the Refs; needless to say, the 17,000 people not rooting for Detroit weren't to thrilled about the result. And, had it not been for that, they would have won the game 2:1 rather than lose 3:2 in OT shoot-out. Oh, well, too bad for them.

For my (early) birthday present, it was really nice. It was also, conveniently, St. Elizabeth's Day (Elizabeth Seaton, one of the 5 St. Elizabeth). It was my first NHL game in person. I've seen Michigan State's men's team play a couple times. And there was, of course, my first hockey game ever in Munich - the Soviets v. Us. I have no recollection of the score, but I'm quite sure the Us:Them had a much bigger point spread, and the Us was a smaller number.

This seems to follow the pattern of the rest of my life. 6 years in Hawaii - 2 years on a bunch of Portugese Islands - 3 or so years on the Jersey Shore... where did I learn to sail? West Virginia. 8 years in West by god Virginia, and where did I learn how to ski? Michigan. 18 years watching hockey in Michigan, and where do I actually get to see the Red Wings play? In St Paul.

While it was enjoyable, I really, really missed my friends in Michigan. I kept thinking that the game would have been truly great if I could have gone with the 10 or 15 of them to the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, regardless of the resulting score.

p.s. from Chicago Winter Classic - really cool jerseys

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